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Super Bowl LIII 2019 Fun Facts

Chips? Check. Beer? Check. Loud friends? Check. Fun trivia to share with those friends? Maybe not. No worries! We’ve got your back. Observa is back to provide all the fun facts one could need at a Super Bowl party. Awkward conversation before the game begins? Pull out...

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Visual Merchandising in Retail

Visual Merchandising in Retail Standing at a shelf that offers endless options is an overwhelming feeling that most shoppers experience during a shopping trip. Merchandising product helps remove that overwhelming confusion for shoppers by attracting their attention to...

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Cashierless Stores: The Future or a Fad?

Cashierless Stores: The Future or a Fad? Retail technology is rapidly advancing to increase productivity and save retailers money. A major change in recent years is the reduction of cashiers by using both self and automated checkout, but retail experts are wondering...

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Video Surveillance: Machines Learn Shopper Habits

Video Surveillance: Machines Learn Shopper Habits Video cameras are nothing new to retail stores. They catch shoplifters in the act, provide evidence for in-store crimes, and monitor employees closely; but what does the advancement of this video technology mean for...

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Low Retail Workforce this Holiday Season

Low Unemployment, Fewer Holiday Workers, and Poor Store Execution Air is cooler, trees are thinner, and hiring signs are in every window—the holiday season is here. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, and consumer spending is at a high. So where...

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Internet of Things

“70% of retail decision makers globally are ready to adopt IoT to improve customer experiences. #IoT #retail #CX” – @Forbes on Twitter The phrase “Internet of Things” (IoT) is currently echoing around the workplace, becoming an increasingly popular vertical for...

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