Category Intelligence

Competitive shelf data at your finger tips. Annual subscriptions give you more visibility than previously possible with expensive project-based offerings.

Manage share of shelf, compliance, and approved product lists across banners. With Category Intelligence, you’ll unlock deep insights by retailer, brands, products, and more.

Selected Brands: Share of Shelf


Know Thy Shelf, Know Thy Enemy

Smart Sampling

Observa conducts monthly visits to a collection of stores across major US banners.

Complete Data

Monitor every product in your category. Know when, where, and why you’re losing shelf space.

Historical Trends

Empower your decision makers with monthly data about your products and your competitors’.

Observa’s Data Helped a Top Energy Drink Brand Hold Their Brokers, Retailers, and Field Reps Accountable. 48% of the Stores Were Noncompliant With Their Trade Agreement.

Selected Brands: Share of Shelf
Selected Brands: Share of Shelf

Exceed Shoppers’ Expectations at the Shelf

Consistent Insights

Observa helps uncover actionable insights and historical trends.

Explore Your Data

See store, brand, and product-level data on Observa’s platform.

Full Compliance

Get the space, pricing, and placement that you negotiated for.

Spy on Competitors

Become eagle-eyed. Spotlight emerging products and trends.

“Observa was instrumental in improving on shelf availability and growing our brand’s sales across key retailers nationwide.”


Excellent Retail Execution is More Important Than Ever. 33% of Shoppers Made Fewer Shopping Trips in 2022.


Flexible Pricing

Flexible Subscriptions

One and three-year subscriptions are available, and there are no setup fees.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

Use as many seats as you need. You can quickly onboard your entire team.

Unlimited Seats

Unlimited Seats

Dive in and take action from the get-go. No degree in data science needed.

Selected Brands: Share of Shelf

Outsmart & Outpace Your Competitors

Everything is supercharged with AI. Observa’s patented platform finds obstructions, voids, out-of-stocks, subtly different products (e.g. sliced pears and pear halves), new packaging, and more.