Shelf Audit

  • Don’t let out-of-stocks and poor shelf execution cost you sales.
  • Inspect and correct the shelf with Observa’s nationwide reps.
  • Swiftly visit everywhere in the United States and Canada.

How it Works

Capture Photos

Field reps quickly visit all your locations. They locate and photograph your products.

Collect Data

Gather competitive and per SKU data (OOS, void, inventory, pricing, and facings).

Track Completion

Accurately measure completion from start to finish with Observa’s real-time dashboard.

70-90% of out-of-stocks are caused by habitual errors in shelf replenishment.

International Journal of Logistics

Why Observa


Why wait for last month’s sales data to make decisions when you could be making improvements and drive sales this month?


Reveal consumer insights. Audit their entire experience: how your products are stocked, placed, priced, positioned, and more.

For a leading beverage brand, Observa reduced OOS by 48% in 4 weeks, resulting in a 31% increase in sales.

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