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Money & Pain: The New Sales Tax Supreme Court Decision

On June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court declared that states have the right to tax online sellers that do not have physical stores within their state. This went against a twenty-six-year-old ruling and will have a massive effect on online retailers, brick-and-mortar...

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Mid-2018 Retail Check-In

In a blink, the first half of 2018 passed. Those six months flew by, but not without plenty of excitement in the retail industry. Major disruptions hit the market, new players entered the game, and old players retired from their roles. In case you forgot about all the...

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Summertime Sells

by Mykaela Hopps, Observa Ah, summer. The “k-tchhh” sound of a can being cracked open at a backyard barbecue or around a campfire signals the beginning of the season. Nothing like chatting with your friends, wearing your shades, and (hopefully) avoiding sunburn....

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AI Overview for CPG and Retail

by Erik Chelstad, CTO of Observa The goal of this blog post is to introduce some of the concepts around artificial intelligence (AI), explain how they might be applied to retail and CPG now, and discuss what the future may hold.  I’m going to be as succinct as...

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Understanding Why Prices Vary from Store to Store   

Everyone has experienced that infuriating moment when you realize one store charges $3.00 less for a box of granola bars than the store you bought the same box at last week. Who decides the product’s price? Where is that extra money going? The short answer is that...

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