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How to Make Sure You Have the Right Retail Broker

You have a growing business. You’ve been so busy developing your products to meet your customers’ needs that you barely have time to do anything else. But in order to get your product to your customers, you need that product in the right stores and presented in ways...

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What are smart contracts and how will they affect retail?

What if there was a new way to manage contracts between businesses? What if you could automate contracts so that you could radically reduce the admin burden of your company? What if the record of transactions between your company and a service provider were...

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Navigating the Future of Retail with an Emphasis on Privacy

Identify Opportunities for Conversion Amid the New Shopping Dynamic Brick and mortar retail is struggling. As online shopping grows in convenience, stores are forced to step up their game. Ironically, stepping up could mean stepping away. Aggressive sales tactics are...

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