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From Brand Loyalty to Retail Loyalty

More than one in five of the products purchased in retail stores are from private labels. The improved quality of these private-label products gives them more power as compared to competing name brands. Consumers are choosing private-label brands because of their...

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The Battle between Retailer and Manufacturer

Retailers and manufacturers constantly battle over the placement, promotion, and pricing of products. However, the current retail landscape has retailers pulling ahead with greater demands, increasing pressure on manufacturers. Major consumer goods companies are...

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How to Leverage Data to Sell More in Retail

In the wise words of management guru W. Edwards Deming, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”—and that is not the type of person who gets big deals with retail stores. Strong, factual data can show product success and be the key to winning over...

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How National Brands Can Compete with Private Labels

A recent rise in private-label product success is forcing national brands to compete for their share of the retail market. With low prices and high quality, private-label products have gained popularity and shed their negative stigma in the last decade. Retailers,...

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