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Not All Product Innovations Work Out

Just because an idea is fresh and new doesn’t mean it will succeed. The technology industry is littered with products and services that fell by the wayside as quickly as New Coke and it’s partner Crystal Pepsi, McDonald's Arch Deluxe, and the Ford Edsel. Early...

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In-Store Technology is in Demand

Is there an opportunity to bridge the gap between online shopping and in-store retail? This is the question many businesses ask as they look to keep their in-store shoppers coming back while also appealing to digital consumers. Shoppers Want...

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Syndicated Store Data for Retail

Syndicated data, also called “consumption data,” is one of the key types of retail sales data you should know about. Starting from product-level data and expanding to the market level, syndicated retail data for brick-and-mortar stores measures...

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How to Make Sure You Have the Right Retail Broker

You have a growing business. You’ve been so busy developing your products to meet your customers’ needs that you barely have time to do anything else. But in order to get your product to your customers, you need that product in the right stores...

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