Watch these short one-minute videos to get a better idea of how Observa can be your eyes in the field and help your retail execution.
What is Observa?

Observa is the real-time answer to what is happening with store execution.

Observa helps brands sell more by showing them where store execution is failing: where their products are not on the shelf, where their promotions aren’t happening, all in real time.

We use our Observer network and our mobile apps to collect this information at stores across the United States. Be it shelf placement and planogram compliance, inventory levels and out-of-stocks, or promotion like endcaps or display promotion, all of the data we collect is available to you anytime, in real-time.

Observa can help you. Check out our website, sign up for a demo!

Avoiding Voids

Is your product on the shelf at each location, where you expect it?

You spend a lot of time and energy getting your products agreed to for sale in retailers. Unfortunately, your products don’t always make it onto the shelf in every location. With Observa, we measure what’s happening in the store.

Do you actually have the shelf space you expect? We give you store-by-store data to show you which locations are not compliant, allowing you to improve those situations and sell more product.

We helped a customer recently with national drug store and convenience store placement, and found that 36% of the locations did not even have their product in stock, and another 24% had it in other sections than they expected.

That’s why it’s so important to use Observa!

Out of Stocks

How big is your out-of-stock problem? 

One of the biggest challenges our customers experience is ensuring they have adequate inventory in the store. They tend to experience lots of out-of-stocks, but don’t know where in the chain it’s occurring.

Out-of-stocks are caused by problems in the supply chain at a couple of different places. Whether they’re out at the warehouse that feeds the stores, in the back room having back-stock at the store, or just in delivery to the shelf.

We recently worked with a customer in the beverage category to reduce out-of-stocks over an eight-week period from 59% to 17%.

Use Observa to improve store execution, ensure product’s on the shelf for every customer, and grow your sales.


A lot of time and energy goes into planning store promotion – yet, do they happen? 

A lot of the time, display promotion doesn’t even make it to the floor. It may sit in the back room, maybe there to be set up by distributors… it just doesn’t occur.

We deliver real-time data showing you what is happening at each and every location. We tell you: are your displays out, and how do they look? Are they brand-compliant? Do they have all the components of the display, or not?

We fill a void in the market. This is the only way to be able to measure what’s actually happening in the store today.

Use Observa to make sure your displays make it to the floor every time.

Real Time

Realtime store execution data means realtime action.

In retail, we’re mostly used to scan data, which comes in four-week blocks. With Observa, you get store-specific data that’s actionable. It fills a void in the information that you have.

Observa’s realtime information is available as it’s collected. You have access to our online dashboards and realtime reporting. You can set up reporting subscriptions to deliver the information daily, weekly, or as you choose. Our reporting is deliverable to any stakeholder, whether they’re inside your organization or outside.

Instead of reacting to stale data, Observa allows you to push things forward in real time and improve what’s happening store level in front of the customer where they make their purchase decision.

Observa can help you. Check out our website, sign up for a demo!