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Demos are such a great way to introduce consumers to a new product, but they are expensive and short-lived. It can be challenging to know what actually happened in stores.


With Observa’s nationwide field reps, you can quickly audit demos while they’re happening. For instance, you could have Observers go to all Costco stores on the west coast between 12-3 pm on a Saturday.

Areas of Concern

Demo Compliance

Is your brand being represented properly? Does the agent know the script? Can they answer customers’ questions?


Are shoppers being made aware of a special price during your demo? Has the agent laid out the coupons correctly?

Extra Stock

Demos should move a lot more product than a normal day. Is there enough stock on site to deal with the great sales?

Setup Confirmation

Is the demo even happening? Shockingly, it’s pretty common for 20-30% of scheduled demos to not happen.

Why Observa

Fixed Cost

You’re in full control of your spend. With no hidden fees, you won’t run into any surprises.

Fast Data

Accurately measure compliance from start to finish with Observa’s real-time dashboard.

Unbiased Information

Observers are everyday shoppers, so the data is unbiased. We validate the data, too.

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