Introducing Observa Custom Dashboards!

We take action, rather than just stockpile reports.

Data and Photos

We provide our customers with both quanitative and qualitative information. Each observation collected features data points and supporting photo evidence. This approach gives you information that can be trusted and used by anyone in your organization.

Real-Time Data Available 24/7

As soon as information is collected from the field and validated, it’s ready to be viewed in our online dashboard. This makes our data real-time and actionable.


Unlimited Access

Collaboration is key in any successful organization, so we don’t limit the number of team members who can access and utilize our reporting.


Both our pre-built and customized reports are ready to be shared with anyone at the click of a button. You can also set up your team with email notifications and real-time alerts about what is happening in the field.


Customizable and Exception Based

Only you know the metrics that are the most important in your organization. Having worked with many customers, we have some ideas, but we let you customize our reporting to specifically match your needs. With our exception-based reporting system, you can set the standards with which we compare your results against.