Rapid Recall

  • Protect your brand and customers with Observa’s discrete & fast service.
  • Reach big-box retailers, regional chains, c-stores, and more.
  • Swiftly visit everywhere in the US and major cities in Canada.

How Observa works

1. Start Recall

We’re well-versed in performing recalls. All we need are your product and store lists.

2. Visit Stores

Observers recall products and capture photos and data. Our team validates their work.

3. Complete Recall

You can monitor your recall from beginning to end with our real-time dashboard.

If a brand mishandles a recall, 70% of their current customers would criticize them publicly.

Eclipse Marketing

Why Observa


We conduct voluntary and government recalls using your criteria (defects, packaging issues, best by dates, etc.).


Unlike costly, geographically-limited field teams, Observa offers an affordable way to achieve complete coverage.

For a baked goods brand, Observa merchandised 580 locations and recalled 2,580 products with packaging issues.

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