On-Shelf Availability

  • Defend your category and hold brokers and retailers accountable with real-time shelf and store-level insights. Complete, unbiased, and transparent.
  • Drive replenishment rates and sales with real-time shelf monitoring and historical trend analysis. Drill down into the data to track facings and stock levels.
  • No more guesswork. Combine shelf and sales data to get the whole picture. Assess your performance, optimize your shelf, and maximize your trade spend.

Observa is disrupting the shelf

Identify trends and monitor shelves in real-time

See what your customers see. Make swift business decisions with daily insights.

Wield shelf data as your secret weapon

Do facings predict sales? Use shelf data to influence and increase your sales.

Observa analyzed facing and product availability trends for the leading beauty brand, enabling a 9% increase in their stock levels.

Real-time shelf and store-level insights

Take Photos

Our nationwide reps, shelf cameras, or your reps capture photos of shelves.

Digitize Shelves

Observa automatically recognizes your products and identifies shelf issues.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Monitor results and react fast by utilizing Observa’s Power BI dashboard.

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