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What are sales visit opportunities?

Sales visit opportunities typically require an Observer to go to a store, perform an audit on a particular set of products and then speak to a store manager to ask them if they’d like to place an order for any of the products that were not currently carried at the store.


Will I earn a commission with sales visit opportunities?

Probably not. The majority of sales visits don’t have commissions. In the rare event that there is a commission, the observation will clearly state this.

If there is a commission, you will be asked to speak with the store manager and encourage them to place an order for any of the products listed in the opportunity that were not carried at the store at the time of the observation. Note that this does not include products that are out of stock (i.e. the product is not on the shelf, but there is a shelf tag). If the manager agrees to place an order, they must fill out an order form, either by filling out a form printed out by the Observer prior to starting the observation or by placing an order with their own internal store system, and you take a photo of the order form to show what products were ordered. For each product that they order that isn’t currently carried at the store, you will receive an additional commission payment.


Will I be paid if the manager does not place an order?

If you complete all of the required components of the observation and the manager chooses to not place an order for any products, you will still be paid the base payout for the opportunity.

If there is a commission, you will only receive it if the manager places an order for products during your observation. To prove you spoke with a manager, you will be required to provide the full name and email address of the manager in the observation. We will be reaching out to all of the managers mentioned in these opportunities to confirm the information provided in the observation.

Please note: if your observation is done incorrectly, even if the manager agreed to place an order, you will not receive any payment, so it is critical that you complete the entire observation accurately.


Do I need sales experience to do these opportunities?

While it is preferred that you have previous experience with sales to complete these opportunities, it is not required. Our sales visit opportunities are available for all Observers that are interested!


What if the manager isn’t available?

If a manager is not available to talk with you about ordering products, you can still complete the observation and receive the base payment for the opportunity (if the observation is completed accurately).

If the observation has a commission, you would not receive it in this case, as you are required to speak with the manager to place the order.


What if the manager doesn’t want to place an order?

While we would prefer that the manager places an order, we understand that that will not always be the case. Remember to always be professional and never pressure or argue with the manager in the hopes of getting them to place an order. If it is determined that an Observer is behaving inappropriately during a sales visit opportunity, there will likely be limitations placed on the Observer’s account.

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