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Shipped Materials

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Welcome to this guide on observations that require materials to be sent to you!

In this video, we will be breaking down the major points of opportunities that require materials to be shipped to you, including understanding the responsibilities of signing up for one of these opportunities and also the step by step procedure.

IRC stands for instant redeemable coupon. These are tags or coupons that you place directly on products. An IRC opportunity will ask you to place these and will also take more up front preparation.

Before you accept one of these opportunities, it is important that you understand the responsibilities of accepting an opportunity that requires a shipment to be sent to you. Materials have to be produced and shipped to you beforehand, so you must complete a sign up opportunity in order to receive the required materials. In this sign up opportunity, you will provide your name, mailing address, and contact information. Make sure to double check for typos.

In addition, you will agree to be held responsible for these materials, and that you will complete the placement of these materials at the location you are signing up for. Reliability is important to us.

After your sign up opportunity has been validated and accepted, you will be able to see the corresponding placement opportunity on the map at the location you signed up for. This opportunity can only be completed by you. You do not have to worry about anybody else claiming it.

The same time limit for completion applies for these opportunities, so do not accept them until you have received the materials and are ready to place them at the location. You will have to wait until the materials arrive to complete the placement opportunity. This could take 5-10 business days depending on your shipping address. Please note: if you do not receive the materials 10 days after your sign up opportunity has been validated, please let us know by contacting Support.

Once you receive the materials, you will have up to 5 days to complete the placement. Follow the instructions in the placement opportunity. If you have signed up for multiple locations, make sure you complete this opportunity at the right location. When you submit this opportunity, it can’t be reattempted, because you will no longer have the materials.

That’s it! You have successfully completed the opportunity!

Please be sure to reach out to Support with any additional questions. Thank you and happy observing!