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Icons and their meanings

Standard opportunity

This icon is for our standard opportunities. You’ll typically head to a store, photograph shelves, and answer questions. See the description for specifics.


If you see this icon, it means that another Observer has accepted the opportunity. You can add yourself to the waitlist to get notified if they don’t end up completing it.

Demo audit

This opportunity is only available within a specific time frame. You’ll sample the product, snap photos, answer questions, and chat with the demonstrator.

Product purchase

For these opportunities, you’ll purchase products and photograph your receipt. You’ll receive your base pay and reimbursement after we validate your observation.

Photo audit

These opportunities are quick and easy, because you don’t have to answer any questions. Just head to the store and take a few photos!


For this kind of opportunity, you’ll help the store manager restock products and tidy up the shelf. Once you’re done, you’ll photograph your work.

Sign up opportunity

This type of opportunity works a bit differently, because you can’t complete it immediately. First, we need to mail you print materials, so only accept it if you’re 100% committed!

Placement opportunity

After you’ve accepted the sign up opportunity and received the print materials, you’ll only have a few days to complete this opportunity. See the description for specifics.

Heavy merchandising

You’ll use tools for these opportunities. For instance, you might use a screwdriver to replace batteries on a shelf camera. Be sure to check the description for specifics.

Recurring merchandising

These opportunities repeat on routine basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). You’ll photograph and merchandise the shelf and speak with a store manager.

App review

Like Observa? Then consider reviewing us on Google Play or the App Store. These opportunities are optional and don’t offer a payment, but we certainly appreciate it!

Photo challenge

Keep an eye out for our themed photo challenges. All you need to do is snap and submit a photo. We’ll choose one at random each day, and if it’s yours, we’ll pay you $5.