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Welcome to this Observa guide on the app basics. In this video we will be covering the following. Finally we will discuss preferences. Now that you've reached preferences, we'd like to give you a little explanation of each option. The first option gives you the option to receive opportunity emails. By selecting this you are allowing Observa to notify you of new gigs as soon as they appear. This can give you the chance to get opportunities more quickly and reserve the ones you like first. The second option allows Observa to give you information on volunteer opportunities.

The third option allows Observa to utilize location services, please enable this in order to allow the app to provide you with the most accurate information possible on distances. Finally, you can actually use your preferences to notify you on specific preferences in opportunities. Distance and minimum payout can be inputted here by personal preference, in order to update your email whenever an opportunity in line with your preferences is available. Finally for accessibility preferences, the internal language and metric preferences can be set here.

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