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Troubleshooting and Payment Questions

How do I link my Observa login email to my PayPal account?

Go to the settings page on PayPal. Now, click the plus icon beside “Email” and add the email that you used for Observa.

If you need to change your payment email on Observa, you can do that in your Observer profile.

Do you reimburse travel costs (gas, mileage, etc.)?

We do not reimburse Observers for travel costs accrued during observations. The app is designed to offer opportunities near you. All opportunities with Observa are 100% voluntary, so if a particular opportunity is too far away or not worth the gas and time spent to complete it, you can choose not to accept it.

I’m having trouble with the Observa app. What do I do?

If you are having trouble uploading a completed observation, make sure that you have a strong internet connection. If the screen is stuck loading when you open it, try force-quitting the Observa app and reopening it. Should troubles persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

What do I do if a store is permanently closed?

If you go to complete an observation and the store location is permanently closed or not the right store, please submit photos of the old storefront in the opportunity. (Take a photo of the closed store wherever a photo is required.)

You will still be compensated for your time and efforts, but we need proof that you went and tried. We appreciate it when Observers let us know, so we can update our database!

What do I do if a store employee asks me to leave before I finish an observation?

If you are approached by a store employee, remember to always be courteous and professional. You can show them the Letter of Authorization (LOA) located in your opportunity instructions. If an employee asks you to stop taking photos or to leave the store, never argue and respect their wishes.

Try to complete the observation as best as you can. Provide very detailed notes on what happened and why you were unable to complete the observation (at least 5 sentences). Take photos of the storefront everywhere a photo is required and submit the observation. We will review everything and make a decision about whether or not compensation is warranted.

What if none of the products are carried?

First, ask an employee to see if products are located elsewhere in the store.

It’s common that the products may not be on the shelf. In this case, please submit photos of all similar products. The photos should include the full section from the floor to the top shelf to confirm that the products in question are not there. These are very important and an observation will be rejected without them.

I signed up with the wrong email. How do I get paid?

There are two email mistakes that we see frequently: typos and wrong emails.

If you have a typo in your email, you will need to contact Support, so we can correct it in our system.

If you used a different email than the one connected to your PayPal, but it is still your email, then you can go into PayPal and add that email to your account.

Still have questions?

Send Support your name, Observa account email address, and the issue you are having. If you are having trouble with the app, please include your phone model and a screenshot of the issue in your email.