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How to Have Quality Discussions with Store Associates

Always treat store associates kindly and professionally with respect. Show them your Letter of Authorization if you have one. If they are busy, respect their time and wait for them to have a moment to answer whatever questions you have for them. Record the details of your conversation in multiple complete sentences in the observation itself. You can take direct quotes from what they said.

Typically, the goal of conversation notes in an observation is to give us a clear, detailed account of who you spoke to, what you talked about and how they were able to help you achieve the goal of the observation. With that in mind, please make sure that you are providing detailed information that is relevant to the observation. This is not the section of the observation for you to let us know about unrelated issues related to the observation (such as you having trouble finding parking in the store or that the shelves were well-organized). The more relevant information you can provide to us from your store associates discussion, the more likely your observation will be accepted and you’ll get paid!

Examples of a Acceptable Conversation Notes:

“I spoke with Linda, who was a manager restocking the products in the seasonal area. She looked up the inventory for the product after I gave her the UPC. It showed there were several units in the back room. The shelves had sufficient stock so I thanked her for her time.”

“The store manager was not available so I talked with Dave who is the front end manager. He used his handheld to look up the UPC and said that they showed 0 units of the product and do not carry it at this store.”

These conversation notes provide clear, detailed notes on who the Observer spoke to, what they talked about and the result of the conversation, which is exactly what we are looking for!

Examples of Unacceptable Conversation Notes:

“Employee not available”

“There is none in the back”


“Sufficient stock”

Conversation notes like this do not provide a clear, concise account of your conversation with the employee, and will result in your observation being rejected.

Additional Examples – Merchandising Visits

There will be a sign-in sheet at customer service or a similar location in the store. Sign in and find a way to access the products wherever they are being kept. Usually this is in the back with the inventory. Find the products in question and arrange them how they are supposed to be arranged. You may have to get the help of a store associate.

Examples of great store associates conversation notes:

“I walked in the store and observed no product in the beverage aisle. I walked over to the counter and asked the woman there if I could speak to the person in charge. The store owner, Saeed, came from the back office and shook my hand asking how he could be of assistance. I introduced myself and went over the product details with him. While he said it sounds like a good offer he said he’s unsure of how the product will sell. I left him a sell sheet for consideration.”

  • * Clear step by step account of store visit
  • * Lists title and name of store associates talked to
  • * States owner’s opinion about product and reaction
  • * Complete sentences and proper grammar


“The OTC manager was not in and the Pharmacy was closed. I spoke with CSM Rhoda. I briefly summarized the products, the display options, pricing and sidekick bonuses. Rhoda said she would place the sell sheets in the OTC manager David’s mailbox.”

  • * Explains special circumstances of visit – the pharmacy was closed
  • * Lists titles and names of store associates, both present and absent
  • * Provides outcome of interaction – placing sell sheets in mailbox
  • * Complete sentences and proper grammar


“Spoke with the manager Crystal trying to find the demonstration, and she indicated there was no demonstration today. I also spoke with Charles the security guard at the front door when I first entered he didn’t know anything of the demonstration either. I checked both the front liquor section and the liquor aisle and there is no demonstration for the product mentioned or any other demonstration. I took pictures of the main aisle, of the poultry and beef aisles, and of the liquor aisle.”

  • * Explains special circumstances of visit – could not find demonstration to take pictures of
  • * Lists titles and names of store associates
  • * Explains where they looked for the demonstration in the store
  • * Gave more context for the photos they provided. Important when products or demonstrations can’t be located to take pictures of
  • * Complete sentences and proper grammar


Still have questions? Reach out to the Observa Support Team at support@observanow.com

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