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Ideal Photo Quantity

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Welcome to this Observa guide on photos!

In this video, we will discuss the correct amount of photos. Often times, it can be tempting to submit as many photos as possible in order to ensure you are capturing the correct information. However, too many photos in a submission can lead to a number of problems.

First, your observation will take longer to be submitted. More photos make your observation take longer to upload, which means it can take more time until the observation can be verified and paid out.

Second, lots of photos in an observation can also lead to a rejection. We have a team that validates every observation individually. If there are excessive photos showing the same thing multiple times, it becomes confusing for us to verify the information submitted and the observation is less likely to be accepted.

Third, photos may be submitted for the incorrect prompt. For example, if a photo of the full store section is submitted where we are asking for an up close photo of a product, we will have to reject the submission for failing to capture the information asked for. But fear not! For these issues can be resolved!

The first step is correctly finding a balance of the amount of photos for each prompt. A great example to start on is the storefront photo, which is universal to all observations. Storefront photos will always ask you to get a photo including the store name and address. Bare minimum, you will need one photo of the storefront, but it could also be two photos if the store address is located in a position where you’re unable to capture both in the same photo.

Instructions will differ depending on if a product is present or not. If the product is present, photograph it. If the product is out of stock, photograph the shelf tag, showing the empty shelf. If the product is not carried, photograph the section or the alternative instruction.

Read what exactly is being asked for in every photo prompt, and be sure you are capturing all that is required. This is especially prevalent for observations with photo limits, so always be sure you can back up and include the relevant information in the photo.

Again, the fewer photos it takes to collect the correct amount of information, the better! You can always remove any excess photos with the remove function.

For further help, please contact Support. Thank you and happy observing!