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Opportunity Timeframes

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Welcome to this Observa video guide on opportunity timeframes! In this video, we will be breaking down the three major time constraints of observations.

First, there is the expiration date for the opportunity. This is how long the opportunity will be available on the app. Sometimes opportunities are available for a month. Sometimes a week. Sometimes only a few hours!

Second, there are specific time windows in which observations must be completed. Some observations must be completed during certain times of the day in order to be accepted. Be sure to check the time that you are completing and submitting your observation.

Third, general estimation for how long the observation will take you in store.

Fourth, each opportunity has a time limit from once you accept it to when you must submit it. This time limit could be as few as two hours or up to 24 hours, depending on the type of task. The time limit for each opportunity will be shown at the bottom of the description. Note that the time limit starts counting down from the moment you accept, so be sure to account for travel time!

As always, contact Support for any questions or comments.

Thank you and happy observing!