Observation Etiquette

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Welcome to this Observa training video!

In this video, we will be discussing professional dress and preparation for an observation and interaction with store staff.

Remember that as an observer, you are representing Observa during your store visits. Maintaining a professional attitude and dressing appropriately is a requirement. Professional dress does not mean clothing you’d wear to an office per se, but pajamas and flip flops would not be appropriate. The first step to getting paid is making sure you are completely prepared to take on an observation, including the proper attire.

Please ensure you follow the proper rules of a given store by wearing appropriate PPE, including a face mask as required by the store and the laws in your state. Maintain social distancing during your observations.

When you arrive at the store, check in with staff first and let them know the purpose of your visit. When you interact with store staff be courteous, patient, and respectful. If you have a Letter of Authorization, be sure to present it. If staff are busy, be sure to wait until someone is available to help you. They are your primary point of contact, and interaction with them may be required to complete an observation.

If you are asked to leave the store by a store manager or employee, the observation is now over. Without the approval of a store, the observation cannot be completed. Do not make an issue of it; simply exit the store.

After you’ve left, be sure to notify us of the situation in the notes at the end of the observation. It’s important to give us context within the observation, so we can understand what happened.

Thank you and happy observing!