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Merchandising Opportunities

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Welcome to this Observa guide on the merchandising opportunities!

In this video, we will be breaking down the major points of merchandising audits, including what you should do before you accept a merchandising opportunity, specifics for merchandising opportunity procedures, and how to write great comments.

In order to accept a merchandising opportunity visit, first look at your map to find one that is a suitable distance from you. Distance is very important here, because the typical timeframe of an audit is two hours, so it is important that you are able to reach the opportunity location and complete the opportunity before you accept the opportunity. Estimates of how long each audit will be are in the audit description. Some of these will take longer than others, so be aware and inform yourself before accepting an opportunity that is farther away.

Merchandising opportunities could ask you to do any of the following. Move products from one location in the store to another. Move products from a backroom or stockroom onto the shelves. Organize and properly display products already stocked on displays.

The first step of a merchandising opportunity is to introduce yourself to the correct staff to inform them of why you’re there and have them help you merchandize. Be sure to be friendly and show them the Letter of Authorization in order to verify your reason for being there.

Merchandising is going to require a lot of interaction with products. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to maintain proper protection and stay sanitized. Always abide by whatever rules the store you’re in has in place and comply with any employees’ instructions.

A merchandising task could ask you to properly face products, which means making sure that each product is taking up the right amount of shelf space it is allotted. You could also pull products to the front of the shelf, to make them more appealing to customers. Some of these could also require before and after photos, which will require you to take a photo before the organization occurred and after.

Furthermore, it could be asking employees to stock any out of stock products not currently on the shelves by going to the back stockroom and restocking those products. It is of the utmost importance that you accurately record notes and employee conversations in these opportunities. They will be rejected if they are not properly filled out. Report what happened in a concise and grammatically correct manner.