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Finding Locations

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This is the Observa guide to finding locations!

In this video, we will review how to verify that you are completing your observation at the correct location. Going to the incorrect location is the most common reason for rejection, but it’s also an easy fix. You can find an opportunity’s location by clicking on the opportunity in either the map or the list function of the Observa app. Once you’ve clicked on the opportunity, scroll down to find the address and location. This is the only place you can find the address, so be sure to check it. Click on the address to open it in a navigation app. You can also copy and paste the address.

You can often run into an issue of multiples of the same store within a certain area, so it’s always better to be safe and double check. You may have also accepted several observations all for the same type of store. Be very careful you open the correct observation for the given location. Verify the store address with the observation you’re completing!

Once you’ve arrived at the store, a great way to check you’re at the right place is to verify the address and the address number on the building that you take of the store front. We ask for the address in the storefront photo to verify your location, and to ensure your observation is off to a safe start, at the correct spot.

If you believe you’re at the correct location, and the given store is not there, be sure to submit an observation with photos of the location showing the store is permanently closed or not present. And provide detailed notes in the observation, updating us on the issue.

If the location was not there, your observation will be accepted, and we will be happy to help. Please reach out to for any additional questions. Thank you and happy observing!