Attention to Detail

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Welcome to this Observa training video on how to take proper notes!

In this video we will cover: the importance of attention to detail in questions, what to do if things are missing, and how to take the best notes. The easiest way to ensure an observation is accepted is to read instructions carefully. Some opportunities require very specific information, and if that information is not presented correctly or entirely, we will have to reject your observation. In order to make the best observations and receive payment, be sure to answer questions in the same way they are asked.

One issue a lot of observers run into is the question of what will happen if a product is missing. Generally, the opportunity will allow you to mark that there were no products, but beyond that, it’s always safe to leave a note of that in the notes section.

But what if the location itself doesn’t exist? If this happens, don’t worry. If we can verify that the store is really shut down, you will still receive payment for the observation. Just again be sure to take pictures to verify your location, and list this in the notes!

Finally, an important foundation to great observations is thorough notes. When you take your notes, it’s always important to use proper spelling and grammar. Be sure to include any staff you might have talked to with their position and names; this can help us verify your observation. Beyond this, let us know what happened in the interaction.

Remember to also mention specifics of the observation, especially if the observation has specific procedures that need to be followed closely, like a coupon placement, or if products were out of place. This is all important information to capture, and will lead to a better observation.

Thank you and happy observing!