How to Take a Great Photo

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As an observer, you increase the chances of your observation getting accepted if you submit high-quality photos. In this video, we’ll give you some tips on how to take the best photos possible by giving you exactly what we’re looking for and why.

There are 3 main types of photos within most observations: storefront photos, product and shelf tag photos, and section photos.

Storefront photos are images that are taken from outside the observation location, in order to verify location!Get as much of the store front in the photo as possible, and take it from a bit further back if that helps. We use storefront photos to verify your observation is being completed at the correct store at the proper address. Your storefront photo(s) should include the name of the store and the address number. This is an opportunity for you to verify you are at the correct location. Double-check the address before continuing your observation.

The next type of photo we’ll cover is a product and shelf tag photo. For product and shelf tag photos, make sure you’re photographing the right product. Check the example image and the product name in the app. Ensure your photo is in-focus. Wait a few seconds while the camera focuses on the product and then take the photo. Make sure to keep the phone as still as possible to prevent your photo from being blurry. The shelf tag and packaging of the product should be easy to read. Depending on where the shelf tag is placed, you may need to take separate photos in order to capture both.

The final photo we’ll cover is a section photo. A good section photo is essentially a product photo that is taken from farther away that shows the section from the floor to the top shelf. Section photos are used to see where products are on the shelves in relation to each other, as well as any out of stock or empty spots on the shelves.

Photos of promotional displays and end-caps also fall into this category. We understand spatial constraints may prevent being able to take a photo facing the shelves directly. Feel free to make a note of this in the comments in the observation! But if it’s possible: straight on, facing the shelves directly, and showing the section from top to bottom, is what makes for the best photo.

Finally, remember that observations requiring photographs don’t limit the number of photographs that you can submit. Be sure to capture everything. It’s always better safe than sorry! However, if a photo was a mistake or wasn’t up to quality standards, you should use the remove function to remove the photo.

Once all photos have been taken and relevant information has been entered into the app, be sure to submit your observation right away, so we can validate and pay you for your observations as quickly as possible.

If you have questions, contact Support. Thank you and happy observing!