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Welcome to this Observa guide on the app basics. In this video we will be covering the following. At this point we will discuss the section on specific observations. So you found an opportunity on your map near you that you'd like to complete? Perfect! Then go ahead and click on that logo, and read the relevant information, the pay for opportunity is displayed here. Remember, we pay within a few days of completing an opportunity, sometimes even on the same day. This is how long the campaign will run for, until it is unable to be completed anymore. This'll provide a basic summary of the opportunity. Once you've read through these relevant instructions, accept the opportunity and get ready to observe. Now there is a counter displaying your time left to complete this observation.

If you are not able to complete this observation within the given timeframe, it is acceptable to decline the observation. However this does negatively impact your internal observer reputation so only do this if it's absolutely necessary. By clicking on observe, you will now be able to complete the opportunity once you reach the store location. By clicking on observe, you will be able to start the opportunity and see what it asks you to do. Most opportunities could ask you to make note of where certain store items are located. Prices of those items, or to take a photo of those items or their sections. Once you complete all required sections for an opportunity, click submit! This concludes the section on specific observations!

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