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My Opportunities Page

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Welcome to this Observa guide on the app basics!

In this video, we will be covering the My Opportunities page. This tab allows you to access your history in four areas: accepted Observations, submitted observations, verified observations, and finally, rejected observations.

Accepted opportunities will show you the opportunities you are currently undertaking. When you click on them, a similar screen to a specific opportunity will appear, which will show how many days are left for the observation to be available, how long you have to complete it, the proper distance, and payout.

You can also accept or decline observations directly from here. Submitted opportunities are opportunities you have completed that are currently pending approval in our system. These are waiting to be verified so that we can pay you for your observations ASAP.

Verified opportunities are those you have completed successfully in the past. These will allow you to see comments on your past observations and keep track of your progress.

There are also rejected observations where you can see opportunities that have been rejected by our internal systems. These opportunities’ notes can provide valuable insight into where you might have made mistakes in the past in order to improve future observations.