Utilize your field team to capture the real-time information you need to efficiently manage your business.

Flexible Data Collection

Using our app, your team can collect any information you want. We can capture directed data like check boxes and drop-downs, free form data like text boxes, pictures, videos, and even audio if you want to hear the sounds of a location or do an interview.


You can assign specific locations to an individual. They can be given deadlines or not. Works with the freeform idea nicely so that important locations are given priority.


Your field team can just take observations anywhere they want.  This is valuable when you have a free roaming team that is either self-directed (existing route plans, delivery schedules, etc.) or just follows their gut.

Blended Resources

Your team can’t always cover everything due to time or travel limitations.  Observa can collect observations when/where your team doesn’t. Use cases would be regions with no team presence, when the team is busy doing other things, or when the region is just too big for the team.

One of our favorite examples is to cover an entire region with low-cost visits from Observa observers, then send the more expensive field team in when there are any issues.

Secure Cloud Storage

No more spreadsheets on laptops or forms on clipboards. All of the data we collect for you is backed up in geographic locations to be secure from loss.  Your data is only accessible to you and those you choose, so no prying eyes.