Turn Your Store into a Data Powerhouse

Improve operational efficiency by bringing the power of online analytics into brick and mortar environments. By placing Observa’s powerful shelf intelligence tools into the hands of store employees you will gain the necessary insights to maintain standards and retain customers. Boost your bottom line by gaining visibility into every product on the shelf in real-time.

Common Use Cases

Shelf Scan

Real-time data on product availability and planogram compliance.


Maintain consistency across locations.

Customer Satisfaction

Survey customers and gain powerful insights.


Ensure displays and point-of-sale materials are in place.

Cleanliness & Brand Standards

Make sure store staff are meeting corporate guidelines.

Historical Records

See when problems start or get fixed.

How to Use the Results

Streamline In-Store Operations

Ensure store employees are focused on the most profitable daily actions.

Manage Resets & Seasonal Changes

Keep on top of crucial initiatives so that resets and seasonal changes happy on-time and are fully compliant.

Deliver a Consistent Shopping Experience

Nail the four P’s at every store – product, price, placement, and promotion. 

Provide Insights for Suppliers

Package shelf level insights into powerful reports for suppliers.

Favorite Features of our Retail Customers

Shelf Recognition & Analysis

Propel your customers to the leading edge with Observa’s image recognition and machine learning capabilities.

Standardized Reporting

Our high quality and easy to understand reporting is truly real-time. Spend less time compiling reports and more time taking action.

Real-Time Notifications & Alerts

Get notified by email or phone as soon as any negative deviation is detected.

Data Quality

With Observa, you get data you can trust. Each data point is validated through a unique approach combining human and machine oversight.