• Turn your store into a data powerhouse. You can improve operational efficiency by bringing the power of online analytics into brick-and-mortar environments.
  • By placing Observa’s powerful shelf intelligence tools into the hands of store employees, you will gain the necessary insights to maintain standards and retain customers.
  • Boost your bottom line by gaining visibility into every product on the shelf in real-time.

Common Use Cases

Shelf Scan

Real-time product availability and planogram compliance.


Maintain consistency across locations.

Customer Satisfaction

Survey customers and gain powerful insights.


Ensure displays and point-of-sale materials are in place.

Cleanliness & Brand Standards

Make sure store staff are meeting corporate guidelines.

Historical Records

See when problems start or get fixed.

How to Use the Results

Streamline In-Store Operations

Ensure that your employees are focused on the most profitable daily in-store actions.

Manage Resets & Seasonal Changes

Keep on top of crucial initiatives so that resets and seasonal changes happy on time and are fully compliant.

Deliver a Consistent Shopping Experience

Nail the four P’s at all of your stores – product, price, placement, and promotion.

Provide Insights for Suppliers

Package Observa’s shelf-level insights into powerful reports for your suppliers.

Favorite Features of Retail Customers

Shelf Recognition & Analysis

Propel your customers to the leading edge with Observa’s image recognition and machine learning capabilities.

Standardized Reporting

Our reports are easy-to-use and real-time. Spend less time compiling reports and more time taking action.

Real-Time Notifications & Alerts

Get notified by email or phone as soon as any negative deviation is detected.

Quality Data

Get data you can trust. Each data point is validated through a unique approach combining human and machine oversight.

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