Our 100,000+ Observers can quickly perform your recall. Take action within hours.


You’ve worked hard to build your CPG brand’s reputation, but a recall can sully everything in a second. Don’t let a mismanaged recall harm your invaluable relationship with retailers and customers. Mistakes happen. Maybe it was a loose screw in the manufacturing process. Maybe it was a mislabeled piece of packaging. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t dwell on the past. Instead, you should aim to be prompt, professional, and proactive in the coming days. You’re not alone. 20-30 products are recalled each week, and Observa is here to help.


Just give us your product list and store list, and we’ll get your campaign going ASAP. Our nationwide crowd of Observers will go to all of the locations with your products and get visual proof that they have been removed or replaced, including looking at batch or timestamps. The Observers will discreetly remove the affected products from the shelf, take them to customer service, and present paperwork that authorizes their disposal. You’ll be able to monitor your recall in real-time with our easy-to-use dashboard, API, and CSV exporter.

Observa works everywhere. Here’s just a few examples of where we can complete recalls for you.

Albertsons, Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Walmart, 7 Eleven, Kroger, and more.

Voluntary Recalls
You care about your customers’ safety and your brand’s reputation. You can dramatically minimize harm by working with Observa to voluntarily recall your product. For one client, we quickly recalled 49% of their products due to mold.

Aesthetic Recalls
Observers can examine your product and perform a recall if its aesthetics aren’t up to your standards. If a recall is mishandled, 70% of customers would actively criticize a brand online and through word-of-mouth. However, according to the marketing agency Eclipse, 3/4 of consumers would purchase the product again if its recall was executed properly.

Government Mandated Recalls
Due to Observa’s flexibility, we can also assist you with a government mandated recall. While the majority of recalls are voluntary, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may require you to recall your product. The CPSC recalls roughly 400 products per year. They’ve created this helpful Recall Handbook, which details how to put together an action plan, communicate information, maintain records, and more.


Additional Issues
Recalls are undoubtedly stressful for everyone involved, but we do our best to lift the weight off your shoulders. Our Customer Success team can get your campaign up and running within hours. Just tell us what you’d like, and we’ll create a plan that’s customized to suit your company’s specific needs.



Why Observa?

Observa is fast and cost effective, with straight forward pricing.





You're in full control of your spend. With no hidden fees, you won’t run into any surprises.




Fast Data
As each observation is completed, the data is validated and becomes available to you via a dashboard, reports, and immediate notifications (email or SMS).



Unbiased Information
Because our Observers are everyday shoppers, the information they collect is completely unbiased. Observa's platform validates the data and discards anything low quality or misleading.



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