Observa Platform Essentials Professional Enterprise
Cost per observer
(Save 20% with annual billing)
$20/mo. annually
($25 monthly)
$32/mo. annually
($40 monthly)
$48/mo. annually
($60 monthly)
Observers 1+ 3+ 20+
Monthly data input limit per user 5G 20G Unlimited
Data storage length 1 year 2 years Unlimited
API calls per minute 10 200 700
$7 Observa Services observations
per month per user
5 20
Extra features:
– Standard reporting + + +
– Unlimited dashboard and reporting users + + +
– Ingestion of external sales data + +
– Customized reporting + +
– Assigned customer success manager + +
– Webhook integration +
– Automatic AI recognition of products and

Observation Services

CREDIT BLOCKS 200 1,000 5,000 20,000 50,000
COST PER CREDIT $15 $11 $9 $8 $7.50
Template Observation 1
Additional Data Point +0.10
Store Associate Conversation – Insights +0.25
Store Associate Conversation – Actions +0.5
Merchandising Activity +1

• An Observation includes pictures, videos, and
questions/answers in the form of the following
− Product Check
− Planogram Compliance
− Promotional
− Competitive Analysis
− Product Recall
• Includes Observa platform access at the Professional
• Credits must be used within 365 days from date of

Template Observation Add-ons

Additional Data Point

This is to gather more data to any template, over the ones already included. For instance, an observer might take photos of the signage at the entry to a store.


Merchandising Activity

Our observers will perform light merchandising activities such as organizing your product on the shelf, applying on-site point of sale materials such as shelf talkers or coupons, etc.


Store Associate Conversation – Insights

This is an information gathering conversation with a store employee. They will simply ask questions and record answers. Customers use this to provide further insights into what is happening with products at retail locations and how consumers are interacting with their products.

Store Associate Conversation – Actions

This is an action oriented conversation with a store manager, undertaken by a qualified Observer. This may include, but is not limited to, presenting sales materials, encouraging new orders or reorders, and initiating shelf restock. Visits can be scheduled within a specific time range.