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CREDIT BLOCKS2001,0005,00020,00050,000
COST PER CREDIT$15$11$9$8$7.50








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Template Observation1

Image Recognition

  • Advanced Shelf KPI’s using AI (requires setup).
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Additional Data Point

  • Gather more data to any template, over the 30 data points already included

Store Associate Conversation – Insights

  • Conversation with associate to gain insight on how products are performing in-store

Store Associate Conversation – Actions

  • Qualified Observer presenting sales materials to store manager

Merchandising Activity

  • Light merchandising activities such as organizing your product(s), applying coupons, etc.

• A Template Observation includes pictures, videos, and
questions/answers in the form of one of the following

− Product Check
− Planogram Compliance
− Promotional
− Competitive Analysis
− Product Recall

• Includes Observa platform access at the Professional level
• 30 data points included. More available upon request.

Observa Platform

Manage your field reps’ observations


Use our image recognition and artificial intelligence to measure the following KPI’s:

  • SKU count
  • Facings
  • Share of shelf
  • Share of assortment
  • Planogram compliance
  • Detect redesigned packaging
  • Distance to category captain on shelf


Onboarding costs & setup include:

  • Creation of training data sets with real-world images that we collect on your behalf
  • Gathering and entering product metadata
  • AI processing time to train customer-specific neural networks


$100 per SKU / 20 SKU minimum.

We encourage including your competitors’ SKUs so our system can recognize their products in addition to your own, to give a more accurate depiction of your share of shelf.

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