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Observa is a fun, fast and easy way for your friends and family to make money! Know someone near or far who would be interested? By sending them your referral link, you can earn 25% from their first four observations.

First, head to and sign into your account. When you’re signed in, click copy to clipboard to grab the referral link. Send your link to anybody you think would be a good observer. Once more, they don’t need to live nearby. They can live anywhere!

If there aren’t any opportunities near them, they’ll be notified as soon as opportunities are added in their area.

Be sure to tell them to sign up via your referral link and not the app. Please note: if they sign up through the app and not your link, you will not receive 25% from their first four observations.

Thanks a lot for helping us find more great observers! We hope your friends and family enjoy Observa!