• Are you positive your product is on the shelf? Is it in the back? Was it even ordered?
  • Keep shelves stocked and sell more with Observa’s nationwide reps.
  • Quickly reach everywhere in the United States and Canada.

How it Works

Audit Shelves

Observers show authorization to store management, then perform a basic shelf audit.

Restock Shelves

Observers restock low-inventory items. Missing items and shelf tags are reordered and reprinted.

Improve Execution

Accurately track week-over-week improvements with Observa’s real-time dashboard.

Repeat mistakes in retail execution can reduce sales by as much as 25%.


Why Observa


Take back the shelf. Unlike store employees, Observa offers visibility by sharing insights and addressing issues.


Utilize Observa’s merchandisers for any initiatives (reoccurring, promotion, product launch, or post-planogram reset).

For a leading toy brand, Observa reset 1,350 endcaps and activated 4,100 interactive SKUs in 10 days.

Ready to Conquer Retail?

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