"Observa gives us a consumer point of view of what we're doing in stores. It helps us quantify what we're doing, build on that quality, and improve our processes."
VP, Business Operations, Advantage Solutions

It completes retail audits with 98.6% accuracy.

It can successfully complete a retail audit in .02 seconds.

Observa's accurate AI works everywhere. Here's just a few examples of where it can complete retail audits for you.
Use Observa's Custom Dashboards Beta to save time and reveal KPIs. Reach out to your sales contact or customer success manager to learn more.
Introducing the Custom Dashboards Beta
Observa's accurate AI is ready to work to ensure your brand's success and your success.

It's audited 20 million shelves (and counting).

Does the system degrade as new products and packaging come out? 

Not Observa! Our system learns and improves continuously. The neural networks we create for you are continually being fed and trained with new data as it comes in. This allows us to be aware of changes in packaging or new products and keep the system from getting stale.

Are all image recognition systems the same?

No, they are not. We designed our system and wrote our code ourselves, so we know what every line does. We do not rely upon a third party to process our images, as this is the core of what we do. We want to get it right, and do it cost effectively, so we can pass the savings (and accuracy!) on to you.

Does Observa ever stop working?

Our system is constantly learning, not just new things, but correcting any mistakes that it's made. Every error is an opportunity to get better. Don't you wish your teenager was the same way? Our system continues to use all of the data it has been given. Similar to self-reflection and dreaming, it updates itself on its previous data.

See how campaigns are performing with high-level overviews.

Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time with customizable charts and graphs.

Is the data easy to view and understand?

Yes! You get immediate access to straightforward reports and dashboards. You don't have to be a data scientist if you don't want to be one. You can use Observa as your system of record for what your end customers see, or you can use your favorite software. It's your choice!

Do I have to micromanage anything? 

Never! We manage everything from start to finish. We also constantly update our AI, so it recognizes changes in packaging, size, and more. Our AI is always learning, so it's consistently working smarter.

Does my brand own its data? 

Yes! Use our API or CSV exporter to transfer your brand's data to your preferred software with ease. Our customers use Salesforce, Tableau, Oracle, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics, Google, the humble but powerful spreadsheet, and more.

What do I have to do to get started? 

Almost nothing! Just give us your product list, and we'll handle the rest. We do the tech work and the leg work.

What kind of data is useful for CPG and retail? 

Our reporting gives you useful metrics such as share of shelf, share of assortment, product count, facing count, and more! We didn’t just start our company because we wanted to make cool technology, both founders have experience in retail and marketing execution that involved the desire for more actionable data. Since it didn’t exist, we created it.

We sell to multiple banners and regions, does this still help? 

Yes indeed, that’s one of the places we shine. Our configurable reporting allows the data to be used by someone managing a single location or an entire chain of stores. It’s powerful to walk into a store and talk with someone about their specific problem or fix it yourself. It’s also powerful to walk into an executive meeting and have the aggregated results for an entire region or banner in an attractive and easy to consume format.

Can sales data be integrated? 

You bet, the more data, the better! When we can integrate with your sales data, not only can we make our data more useful, but we can make that sales data so much more powerful. We do things like measure the average distance of all of your facings from the top selling product, or the center of the block of the category captain. We can also recommend actions like increasing facing counts when lower selling products are taking up the shelf space from the top sellers that are running low, or even out of stock. Can’t do that with just plain old sales data!

Do you know when the shelf isn’t right? 

Yes we do. This can be based on your specific shelf layout, whether it’s in the form of a planogram, a realogram, targeted shelf levels, nearest neighbors, grouping, blocking, or any other layout target you like. Our system detects every product, not just holes in the shelf or the shapes of things. With this, you get an accurate map of every single product that you care about. We take the physical world and make it useful for your analysis, team, and computer systems.

Is it really just humans doing this in the background?

Nope. When an image or video comes into our system, it is handled by our AI immediately. The system architecture is built around, using, modern scalable patterns so that no image is left waiting for long. Some companies are using low-wage humans to do fake AI, but we’re too nerdy to want that.

Do the observers have to have special equipment or a certain type of phone?

No. The image recognition is done on our scalable servers. We proudly wrote our code, so we know what every line is doing and made sure to optimize it. 3rd party systems are great, but not when they are the critical path for what your company does the best in the world.

Will I crash the system with too many photos?

Not at all! In fact, if we detect that jobs are taking too long to process, we easily and dynamically add more hardware to the job. No, this doesn't cost you anything else, it's just part of our agreement with you to get your results as fast as you need them.

Does the observation equipment have to have a strong network connection?

Nope. Our technology is built mobile first, and we know that where we’re capturing data often has bad connectivity. We made our system to get the data off of the devices and into our system as soon as it can find enough bandwidth to make it happen.

Do I have to wait to see the results?

No delay anxiety here! As soon as the data comes in, it is validated and processed by our system, then made available to you. No waiting for aggregation or campaign completion, it's there quickly and stays forever.  Some “AI” companies use humans to process their inputs, but not Observa. And, because our system is so fast, you can take actions in real-time, correcting issues before they negatively affect your bottom line.

Uncover important qualitative data from observations.

Observers can speak to store managers to gather feedback, provide assistance, and remedy issues. Get notifications about updates and corrective actions.

Quickly assess KPIs with easy-to-use filters.

Reduce administrative burden by filtering your data and revealing actionable insights.

Drill-down to individual locations with straightforward, exportable reports.

Observa's reports update as observations are completed. Overcome challenges on a store-by-store basis before they negatively affect the bottom line.

We've spent the last few months gathering feedback and rethinking the way we present campaign data. This month, we launched the Custom Dashboards Beta. This tool transposes raw reporting data into summary widget visuals, reducing the administrative burden of customized reports, and allowing for immediate visibility into campaign KPIs.