Instant Redeemable Coupon Placement

  • Don’t let your coupons collect dust in the back.
  • Ensure every IRC or small POS material is applied with Observa’s nationwide reps.
  • Quickly reach everywhere in the United States and Canada.

How it Works

Mail Coupons

Send us your coupons then our distributor packs and ships them to our field reps.

Apply Coupons

Observers apply your coupons to your products and capture photos of their work.

Track Completion

Accurately measure completion from start to finish with Observa’s real-time dashboard.

Properly executed IRCs are 4X more valuable than print-at-home and electronic shelf coupons.

Coupon Redemption Firm Inmar

Why Observa

Transparent & Accountable

Don’t let valuable coupons go to waste. Unlike store employees, we offer visibility by sharing data and photos.

Flexible & Affordable

Observa’s IRC solution is more cost-effective with greater geographic reach than traditional field teams.

For a leading beverage brand, Observa placed 60,000 IRCs across 2,000 locations over the course of 2 promotions.

Ready to Conquer Retail?

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