Data & Prediction Validation


You’ve spent a lot of money collecting data about the real world, but unfortunately, that data gets stale. Parking spaces move, restaurants close down, speed limits change; the physical world doesn’t usually notify you when a tree falls in the woods. On the other side of things, your AI, machine learning, and behavior modeling algorithms give all sorts of predictions about the real world. Validating correctness is difficult when telemetry isn’t available.


Let Observa’s humans get out there and make sure your inputs and/or outputs are correct. The geographic-based data can be collected as a one-time deal or on a recurring basis. Spot checks, statistically significant validation of your data, or a wholesale validation of an entire dataset, Observa can do it for you.

We’re different than Mechanical Turk or Mighty AI, as our crowd of humans comes with feet attached to their brains, eyeballs, fingers, and phones. With Observa, you can capture quantitative and qualitative data from the real world in the form of images, video, and audio.

Types of Data You Can Collect

Verifiable Quantitative Data

Just our nerdy way of saying data that computers can process, calculators can calculate and humans can validate. Usually, this is a yes/no or counting question and a confirmation photo.

Video & Audio

As well as images and data, we can do videos or audio, too. Let your imagination run wild. Use cases we’ve seen are the lighting walking up a flight of stairs or the sounds of frogs in locations over time.


Humans are sent to locations, and their observations are validated against GPS immediately. We’re able to protect against fraud by ensuring that data about a place is actually coming from that place.

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