Competitive Insights

  • Outperform your competitors and ensure partner compliance with aggregated shelf and store-level insights. Complete, unbiased, and transparent.
  • Have a bird’s-eye view of trends within your category. Manage store compliance and share of shelf, and filter by retailer, location, field rep, distributor, brand, and product.
  • Make a compelling case for change by drilling down into chain and store-level data.

Observa is disrupting the shelf

Get indisputable data for retailer negotiations

Strengthen your position with data to ensure retailers give you the space you paid for and then some.

Know your competitors inside and out

Outsmart your competition by comparing category, competitor, store, and regional trends over time.

Observa helped a top energy drink brand reclaim space in shared coolers. 50% were stocked below their contractually agreed-upon levels.

Compare chain and store-level trends

Take Photos

Our nationwide field reps, shelf cams, or your reps take photos of the shelf.

Digitize Shelves

Observa automatically recognizes your products and identifies any shelf issues.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Monitor results and react quickly by utilizing Observa’s Power BI dashboard.

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