Category Catcher

  • Receive photos of your category’s main section and secondary displays every week at retailers throughout the United States, all for one low monthly price.
  • Spot new products immediately with a bird’s-eye view of your category. Filter by retailer, brand, date, country, state, and more.
  • Get into your competitors heads by monitoring their pricing, promotions, and product launches.
  • Hold brokers and retailers accountable with shelf and store-level photos, heat maps, and actionable insights. Complete, unbiased, and transparent.

How it Works

1. Visit Locations

Each week, our reps visit 100 stores throughout the entire United States.

2. Capture Photos

Our reps photograph your category’s main section and secondary displays.

3. Gain Visibility

No more guesswork. You can view and filter photos of your whole category.

4. Take Action

Maximize your results and trade spend with heat maps and actionable insights.

Repeat mistakes in retail execution can reduce sales by as much as 25%.


Supercharge Your Team


You can finally see what your shoppers see. Competitive intelligence is now at your fingertips in an unprecedented way. Browse cross-category insights, go back in time, or peek into another market to get a complete view of your business.

Category Managers

Stay a step ahead at the shelf. You can check assortment, pricing, shelving, merchandising, and more across thousands of stores from your laptop. Leverage our built-in analytics suite to identify new trends to unlock category growth.

Field Reps

Gain +20% more selling time by automating photo capture tagging. Our crowdsourced audits provide full market coverage by complimenting the reach of the field sales team. Access a centralized portal and collaborate with management on retail execution.


Tell a better sell-in story. Level-up your PowerPoint decks with real examples of in-store conditions. Store photos lend authenticity to a sales story and can help support a strong and credible business case to make it easier for the retailer to say ‘yes’.

Ready to Conquer Retail?