• The future of the shelf is digital. Actively manage the point of sale with Observa’s innovative approach that combines quantitative and qualitative information that digitizes the shelf.
  • Make out of stocks and voids a thing of the past with continued store visits from Observa’s sales and merchandising teams.
  • We make it easy for brokers to increase the value they bring to their clients by giving you real-time data on any retail account.
  • Designed for brokerages of any size the Observa platform will delight your current clients and have more lined up at the door.


Planogram Compliance and Share of Shelf

Determine if your clients are on the shelf in the negotiated order and place.


Make sure promotional spend returns an ROI.

Competitive Research

Check up on how your competition is presenting themselves to your potential customers.

Voids and Out of Stocks

Make sure your portfolio of products is on the shelf.


Ensure your client’s pricing standards are being adhered to.

Product Recall

Make sure any products that have been recalled are no longer on the shelves in plain sight or hidden corners of your sales area.

How to Use the Results

Optimize Retail Execution

Drive sales and improved ROI on marketing campaigns by increasing promotional compliance and decreasing costly voids and out of stocks.

Uncover Growth Opportunities

Attack every sales opportunity with a complete understanding of the competitive landscape.

Negotiate Better Placement and Distribution With Buyers

Enhance buyer level conversations with unique insights into what is actually happening on the shelf.

Empower Your Clients

Allow your clients to thrive by becoming proactive instead of reactive.

Build Better Collaboration

Use consistent measurement to strengthen collaboration among retailers, customers, and you.

Understand Your Customer

Uncover what is influencing customers at the moment of purchase.

Favorite Insight Features of Brokers

Bulk Pricing Discounts

The more you buy, the more you save, allowing you better margins or pricing for your customers.

Shelf Recognition & Analysis

Propel your customers to the leading edge with Observa’s image recognition and machine learning capabilities.

One-Click Report Generation

Simple report generation (with photos!) allows you to impress everyone that wants to consume the information and insights.


With Observa you get data you can trust. Each data point is validated through a unique approach combining human and machine oversight.

Actions: Data-Driven Sales & Merchandising

Expand Your Reach

You and your team can’t be everywhere, but we can.

Sell-In New SKUs

Get products into stores you are authorized but not yet carried.

Point-of-Sale Materials

Place coupons, stickers, etc.

Decrease Out of Stocks

Make sure products are on the shelf and reorders are placed.

Build Brand Awareness

Ensure store employees are knowledgeable and ready to recommend your product.

Go Beyond the Data

Gain deeper insights by working with store employees to understand what is causing issues with execution.

Favorite Action Features of Brokers

Before and After Photos

Numbers come in, but you can see all of the photos of your products before we touched them and afterward too.

Fraud Detection

We use human and robot eyes to ensure things happen to your specs. If it didn’t happen right, you don’t pay for it or even have to see it.


Pay for the actions you need, you don’t have to have a team (or managers) sitting around waiting for something to do.

Expert Support and Management

You just tell us what you want done and when. We’ll take care of the rest.

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